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    I am looking for the most flexible stock screener. Here's a screen I want to do:

    Stocks with market cap > 1 bil and price change over the last 5 years as great as possible.

    None of the online screeners seem capable of doing this.
  2. ER9


    i just found one yesterday i'm absolutely in love with.

    theres a free trial but its expensive per month...$112ish? i think its worth it though.

    at first glance it seemed confusing. actually didn't even like it and didn't bother with it until after several hours of not finding another screener that worked the way i wanted. after messing around with it all day yesterday i absolutely love it now and will pony up for the monthly charge.

    i'm not sure but on the charts it says 20 minute delay on quotes. i'm hoping the paid subscription gets real time for the amount of money they charge but i'm not so sure. not really an issue if you are a longer term trader and have a decent broker but would be nice.

  3. CNBC's screener appears to do this.

    Company Name/Symbol Industry Last Today's Change Market Cap Beta
    Aixtron Ag AIXG Semiconductors $38.60 1.06 / -2.67 $3.85B +2.9
    Calpine Corporati... CPN Conventional Elec... $15.89 0.04 / +0.25 $7.08B +1.4
    Charter Communica... CCMM Broadcasting & En... $57.00 0.62 / -1.08 $6.27B --
    Delta Air Lines I... DAL Airlines $11.51 0.13 / +1.14 $9.73B +0.7
    Federal-Mogul Cor... FDML Auto Parts $23.73 0.04 / -0.17 $2.35B +2.0
    Green Mountain Co... GMCR Food Products $76.65 0.37 / -0.48 $10.89B +1.1
    Osisko Mining Cor... OSK General Mining $13.25 0.29 / +2.24 $5.07B +1.0
    Pacific Rubiales... PRE Exploration & Pro... $25.56 0.07 / -0.27 $6.85B +1.8
    Priceline.Com Inc... PCLN Travel & Tourism $520.08 2.02 / -0.39 $25.82B +1.2
    Questcor Pharmace... QCOR Pharmaceuticals $21.98 -- / -- $1.36B +0.7
    Thompson Creek Me... TCM General Mining $10.36 0.06 / +0.58 $1.74B +2.6
    United Continenta... UAL Airlines $26.50 0.18 / -0.67 $8.76B --
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    stockscreen123 is the best for the far
  5. how is it so? how much per month? I just visited the site and i had difficulty navigating.........any tips?
  6. If you are only using the screener for end-of-day scans, try TC2000 from worden.

    $30 a month is better than $112.
  7. jokepie


    Finviz is free for non realtime scans.
  8. I'll second that. I use stockfinder gold (tc2000) 29.95 /month and have programmed it to scan for any stock that meets my swing trading strategy. I could not find that anywhere else for 30 bucks. The lady on the other end of the phone when you call for subscription support is somewhat annoying, but other than that, a great product.
  9. I'll second that too. I've been using tc2000 for years. Very reliable and the data update is always on time. There are a few data glitches occasionally in a few tickers but they are fixed after a while. Plus, you can automate export to Metastock and in text file format. These types of scans are easy to do with tc2000.

    I'm also a swing trader but I have found that fundamental criteria are not suitable for this style but only on a higher pre-screen level. Then you need some technical criteria. I have programmed my own formulas in tc2000 and I also use Price Action Lab, a program that finds swing trading patterns and generates PCF code for Telechart. I create separate watch lists for the stocks and ETFs I trade and I use the PCF scan with the swing trading conditions I get from PAL. PAL also does swing trading scanning and I use tc2000 to update the data for it. These two programs work both ways nicely. Tc2000 exports data for Pal and PAL generates PCF for tc2000 plus scans the data for patterns.
    This is the best setup I have come up with for swing trading. I have also recommended it to a friend that runs a hedge fund and he is using it almost exclusively. The cost is very low compared to more expensive setups.
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    Still haven't found a way to get the greatest stock gainers over X years.

    For example, Netflix has gained like 2500% over the past couple of years and its stock doesn't seem to show up in a lot of these screens.
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