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    Hey guys,

    What do you recommend as the best stock newsletter service available? I'm looking to subscribe to a report/newsletter that give shorter (1 week) to medium term (1-2 months) trade recommendations that has a good track record.

    Any suggestions would be great.
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    I don't know any best stock newsletter service , each letter recomm a bunch of stocks and you don't have enough money to buy all of them. By next month when you already forgot what they recomm they will tout their winning pic and quietly steer away from their failing pick.

  3. You could check out Zanger -- he's geared towards swing traders. Free 3 weeks anyway. He doesn't publish his record, you'll just have to watch and see what you think. I'm not a member anymore so no idea how he has been doing lately. ONly mentioning because he's one of the more well-known ones and it's at least worth a look. Good luck.
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    Thanks, I will check that one out.

    Does anyone else know of any?
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    Try mutual funds. They are like newsletters plus they also will buy/sell for you while you do nothing.
  6. Actually a good point. There are some good mutual funds out there....
  7. Best newsletters, good question. About the only one that I read consistently is Investors Business Daily. If you are talking about the stock pickers and hype, take the mutual fund advice. I don't agree with Cramer often, but on this "Tips are for waiters."
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    I ahve subscribed to a few newsletters in thepast and have found for my style of trading I prefer I have mentioned his approach on the board before , but I have to say I appreciate his honest and straight-forward approach to investing. He trades several options strategies and talks about them in great detail in his White paper. He only auto-trades 2 out of the four outstanding track- but offers real-time alerts for all four inlcuding a new "stock-based portfolio" that is based on oversold criteria. His track record is solid and I like his approach to capital preservation and money management techniques. I have also had a good experience with but it seems others have not had the same. Anyway, just pick a newsletter (or better yet a strategy) that fits your risk profile and then begin the due diligence. I went to a fairly new site which is where I stumbled upron Crowder's stock options strategies. He as well as a few others ranked high and after talking with a few other people I decided to go with him. Check out the pro otions site and do a search based on your investment criteria. They will rank the newsletter accordingly and then you can make a much better choice. So far I am pleased with the choice that pro-options led me too. I am interested to hear other opinions on this topic. There are just so many newsletters out there it is difficult to sift through the muck which is why I think Hulbert and now pro-options are wonderful services.
  9. It kinda depends on your trading style- you really need to match a newsletter to how you trade.

    That said, I would look at Alan Farley's Daily Swing Trade (yes, I am a swing trader), but keep in mind that it's not suited to beginniners, as he doesn't baby sit you. You can get more info at the

    Zanger is pretty good also.

  10. Personaly i think this is the Best Stock Newsletter. There are many of them out there if you look hard enough.
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