best stock ideas for 2008

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  1. which stocks will go up significantly in 2008?

    I recommend:


    and I also like IBKR

  2. why do you like YGE?

    I recommend QXM. Very potencial company, trading(30%) below IPO, good products - selling in china market. great company growth
  3. tolas


    American Apparel (APP)
    The high growth retailer for '08. Far and away my top pick for the year. This stock is still way under the radar after going public through a spac a few weeks ago. Just wait till the first earnings report. Look at LULU, CROX, DECK for what this stock can do.

    I also like Immerson Corp (IMMR)
    They provide haptic (vibration) feedback for some of the latest touch screen phones from nokia and verizon (LG), and hopefully the new blackberry touch. They also operate in the health care, automotive, and gaming industries.

    Good luck everyone!
  4. Your dead on toilas on American Apparel, their clothes are hip, and they really attract a certian type of people, who need to spend ridicolous amounts on tshirts.

    I have been looking into their stock for about a month, haven't really found a good entry point yet.
  5. ACM

    Global construction is not waning and they are a leader with significant exposure in BRIC countries. Huge backlog, off about 20% from 52 week highs. Great long term hold.
  6. subban


    I like APP too only problem is that the owner is kind of eccentric. Maybe thats why instutional ownership has'nt poured in.

    I also like FCEL and EMKR.
  7. ozzie123


    What? No solar or Ag plays?
  8. ggg12



    for real...
  9. hughb


    Well, not to piss on anyone's stock picks, but I've shopped at American Apparel once, and only once. The quality of clothing was by far and away the worst I have ever seen in new clothes. The thread count in the tshirts is so low they appear to be threadbare. The panties, which are supposed to be flirtatious and sexy, have the texture of wire mesh.

    I'm have no opinion on the stock, as a matter of fact I hope it goes up and gives the shareholders good profits.

    One of their San Diego stores has a hip location in the gay/artsy part of town and it's been there for a long enough time that it must be turning a profit or it has a very long lease. But I definitely won't be in there again.
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