Best stock as we head into the holidays?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stonedinvestor, Nov 18, 2006.

  1. Actually womens clothing & the feeling from the front lines is... bad x-mas. Bring the troops home!
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  2. I told ya so.....
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  3. The bad news is I have an elliotwave program. It also shows an ABC correction has just finished for SIRF and the stock should move down from here to 16.00.

    The good news is this program IS WRONG almost 80% of the time. Looks like a buy to me.:D
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  4. either BRLC or BF.B or maybe LVMH. The BRLC has already run 300% since July though. GME or some other videogame stock will probably be hot.
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  5. APEX Sirf being down 90 cents in the face of a Naz down 50 or so is the philosophical equivalent of A fart in the wind. Let's get serious folks!
    Nov 27- Sirf announces deal with Bushnell Outdoor Products for the Onix 200 hand Held & the NAV 500 portable In Car navigation- will provide real time navigation in a maze of complex urban canyons as well as under dense foliage. The NAV 500 is a PORTABLE GPS for the car! This is big because the factory installed ones are too expensive an option for some people and the dual use nature of the NAV 500 will lure more people into the world of GPS. Nov 28 the big bear on the street for the stock Morgan Stanly - even them- had to raise both 07 & 08 numbers!
    MACD Short term & long Term Bullish. Relative strength Bullish Up/down volume analysis indicates accumulation 50 day MA rising sitting right now above 200 day... honestly folks there can be no better buy right now to take you through the holidays into the next reporting period than Sirf Tech. My PT = $40.~ stoney
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  6. It's gapping up today and by all measures probably fully valued here, but AAPL through 100 is a lay up. $105-110 range is propably easily achieved as there have to be a number of stops that are getting ready to be triggered. Just look at it from a retail investor perspective, the IPOD will be one of the hottest digital gifts again and many who buy the IPOD will buy the stock. Wouldn't be surprised to see Fund Managers dressing their portfolios at year end with AAPL. Further, a lot of longs at this point will avoid taking the tax liability caused by locking in the gain. Sell stop @ $91.50. Good R to R here, 2 bucks downside, 10 to the upside. I'd sell it Christmas Eve regardless of where it is.

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  7. ya it could bounce here. All I stated was that it wasnt going anywhere until it got above that level and that it was not worth chasing.
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  8. Call me crazy, but my pick is WMT
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  9. Volente... YOU'RE CRAZY!

    re APPLE. I'll admit it's starting to scare me. It's got the look of a tech super stock. For 2 years I watched it at $48. I never bought as it crested into the $70's despite being a long time user of Mac and never even trying to understand Word or MSFT products.

    Adding insult to injury is the corporate side- it's such a cool company! I really feel left out on this one, it will be interesting to see how Jobbs plays the stock price. It would be in keeping with Apple's little guy mentality to split the stock to let new investors in. I think that would be a good move. Also though- if only a few stocks are going to be over $100 - Apple may want to stay elevated as it is testament to it's greatness.
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  10. Another interesting idea is Cuba. It has untapped potential. Fidel is either dead or on his deathbed. This week's celebrations in Havana are a passing of the baton to Raul Castro who is not much younger than El Commandante. Raul is for economic reform. There are only a few stocks that I've come across that have direct and significant exposure to CUBA. One is an ultra-microcap closed-end fund that is doing very well for me over the last few days. Another is Imperial Sugar (IPSU). Sadly, I can't find publicly traded cigar companies that would stand to benefit. Some of the casino and mining stocks would benefit from economic reforms in Cuba but not by the end of the year. It is kinda hard to play this angle.
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