Best stock as we head into the holidays?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stonedinvestor, Nov 18, 2006.

  1. I think it's SIRF! GPS products sure to be sold far and wide; moving into hand helds to avoid car slowdown--

    This seems like a layup to $45.

  2. You'd have better luck with retail. CWTR, SKS, BBY, AMZN, etc.
  3. As we head into the holidays, I prefer chicken stock to beef boullion.. I like to add a little bit to stuffing mix and to soups.

    Actually it depends on your skills and time frame.

    Professionals will be out of the market this next week. Lots of volatility on low volume.

    Frankly I wouldn't be trading the next three days.

    Good luck folks.

  4. Thanks for the ideas guys- I must say, since I own a retail store I am naturally against buying retail stocks this year heading into the holidays as I think most will get clobbered. When you buy SIRF you buy the technology that goes into some of the gismos at BBY without the overhang of the costs and returns of retail.
    Additionally, any time a market leader has a one year head start on it's competition and only 20% market penetration... well the next few earnings report for SIRF are going to be HUGE. Eventually Motorola or QCOM will step it up more in the GPS space, but for now it's pedal to the floor! AMZN I have always used and don't understand why they can't make money. Dept stores are doing well and there has been some consolidation Saks might work out Coldwater is a nice catalog play and probably the best pick in the group. If I had the guts to short I would short BBY.
    As to Steve46 assertion that the pro's will be out of the market I tend to agree except I think they will be forced in- to sell, as I expect a swift decline.....
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    Any retail stock will do (AMZN, Wal-mart -- hey are they too high currently?). Any company that can generate additional income during xmas is a smart buy, AAPL maybe?
  6. Here is some analysis on SIRF. Just completed a 5 wave move down and is now just finalizing an ABC correction. The Key zone is the pink box. If it can break above that it will retest the highs, due to a failed abc. I see sirf pulling back around here or maybe a bit higher into the pink zone down into the blue box where it will either bounce and rally to retest the highs or blow right through to start another leg down to new lows. Watch those prices at the pink level, they are key.
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  7. apex I thought I was the stoned one? Take a look at a 1 month chart of SIRF yes that's a perfect staircase up $10 with a stop at $26. I bought a couple days ago @$29 and it's $31. Folks only use technicals as another part of your research! I was hearing about " fifth
    waves " in the DOW for the last 1500 points.
  8. So you're saying it will either go up or go down.

    Thanks for the great analysis. :D
  9. Only use practical wave anaylsis, most ellioticans blow up. Its just part of my toolbox, and when used correctly can have very high reward, low risk with good probability trades. Yes, anything could go up or go down. My point is if you wanted to trade this I would wait for to break above 32.50 before even considering chasing this thing. On the other hand, I think it would be much better to short that price with a .30 stop and go for $4-7 profit. Just watch the chart over the next month or so....
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