Best start to independent futures trading in Chicago

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  1. I'm a futures trader with 4+ years of experience trading for a prop firm. I have been trading almost exclusively electronic futures on TT's platform, and compared to other systems I have seen, I prefer TT's market depth window to other "floating" order books I have seen. But I digress.

    I'm thinking of branching out on my own but haven't a good idea where to start. Ideally, I am looking for a firm which can provide the following services:

    - Clearning
    - Connectivity to primary futures exchanges thru TT
    - IT support
    - Competitive round turn costs

    I am not against renting a desk at an established firm, but I am also interested in learning about being able to trade remotely, at a personal office and with my own hardware.

    Thank you for your recommendations and advice.
  2. rtrading


    1.) Advantage
    2.) Velocity
  3. not all scalpers and arb traders need TT

    why do you think it is the best platform ?
  4. I know TT fairly well, and can program thru TT API's. The 7X release offers additional functionality not offered in other platforms. (autspread slack, etc.)

    That said, the market depth window is the primary advantage of TT. Other platforms I have seen that that float or are static just do not appear intuitive. (I can't believe that TT actually got a patent on the concept.) This arguement is probably better suited for another thread, but what platforms do you think are on par or superior to TT?

    Can you recommend a service provider that does NOT use TT that I should consider?
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    harrisson trading group can set you up nice as well...