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  1. Greetings:

    Now that I sit all day in front of the computer it has become imperative for me to pick a sport to keep some type of physical balance.

    I am thinking of picking up fencing, thinking it will sharpen my skills to better wage this war we call trading.

    What do you guys think ?

    Is golf a better alternative for learning how to focus your trading skills ? I know both are very different sports. Looking for one I can stick to thinking fencing is more of a "battle", I believe will make it more entertaining, thus I can follow through and stick to the sport long term.

    Thank you for any comments !
  2. No limit Texas Hold 'em
    Now that will sharpen your skills
  3. I'm sure, I love poker. But my body might not agree with this sport long term if I stay sitting like a couch potato all day....

    I am talking about physical exercise to keep our body healthy and at the same time sharpen you trading skills...
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    How about "Fight Club"

  5. But I have a big stocky build and put on muscle faster than anyone I know. so its productive. I guess the thing is to pick something that suits you. Weight training and cardio are always a good start though.
  6. Weight training and running are good stress releasers and good counters to sitting on your butt all day. I think golf is the sport that most resembles trading in the risk/reward aspect.


    Ocean/Markets.. forces more powerful than any one person.

    Risk/reward...The chance to get your head kicked in and or the ride of your life in one session/trading day..depending on how aggressive you want to get.

    Waves...water or price.

    Learning curve....STEEP.

    A pursuit that many wont even attempt but the few that go the distance will stay their entire lives.

    Rewards for perseverance, patience and knowledge.
  8. Thank you, but this type of exercise does not involve "competition" and I think that is the reason going to the gym is something I have not been able to stick to.
  9. Could you elaborate ? Thanks.
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    GOLF. The only sport that can be as aggravating as trading is definitely GOLF!!
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