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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by mr_spread, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. I have found this web site that is really great and totally free!

    Am I allowed to post the name here? I don't want to do anything wrong. :)
  2. no, you're not :confused:
  3. as long as it's not rennick's service, i think you can post it no problem. this is what the thread is for....
  4. I guess it will remain a mystery.
    Unless you want to PM me.
    I would think I should be able to post it but I don't want to take any chances, I like visiting this place.
  5. You can post the link here. :)
  6. What differentiates this from any other service?
  7. I don't know of many or any 100% free services that provide such high quality information, and is updated several times per day!

    Also, you will not find any advertising or pop ups!

    If you take the time to look around and listen to everything, I doubt that question would arise.

    But, that is only MY opinion. I wanted to share something great with everyone. This is about education, a great source for it, and you don't have to pay $3K or more! It is also great for stick pick ideas.
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  9. There are lots of good free sources of market information out there. I primarily use options information sites, so those are my favorites, but there are many more than ICE man to choose from....

    I'm sure there are a ton of good free stock sites out there as well, I just don't use them on a regular basis. But the moral of the story is this:

    There are many good free info sites out there. Don't waste your money on scam artists, gurus and other shady operators who try to charge you for market info, education, etc.
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