Best software?

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  1. (A) RT charting
    (B) Strategy Development & testing
    (C) Portfolio testing and management
    (D) Data gathering and manipulation
    (E) Neural net/forecasting
    (F) Scanner RT/EOD
    (G) Accounting and tax
  2. I'm guessing you are not looking for one piece of software on all of these....

    Next question - what's your price range?
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    RT Charting FREE

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  6. All you need to make money is (A)

    with a free RT feed from a broker (it supports dozens of them) and (E) to find high probability setups or any other pattern finder that does the job.

    If you are a position equity or futures trader, you can even use a cheap or free EOD source and APS

    If you are a forex trader you can use free RT Metatrader with APS from
  7. I recommend the CQG platform for letter (A). I like their paint charts and other unique features.
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    who has the best equity execution platform??
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