Best software to option's trade

Discussion in 'Options' started by vash.amethyste, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I search to test the best option's trading tools and option's trading platform.

    I test TOS software (good), TWS (IB ~~) and realtick.

    What are the others platforms ?

  2. Are you looking to spend any money? What are your parameters, your needs?
  3. Dan,

    I am curious as to what are some of the more popular software to use for professional options traders. I am sure there are many options, just curious about the more popular ones, regardless of price.

  4. Ted,

    Pretty vague . . . sounds like you're fishing . . .
  5. I use TOS and OptionsHouse. TOS is very very good, having the risk analyzer right there is a huge plus.
  6. If by fishing you mean trying to find out a more popular software to trade options from people who have used it, then yeah I guess I am fishing. Just trying to avoid all the bs that goes along with narrowing down a software to use.

    TOS and OptionsHouse - Thanks for the feedback