Best software for sending out email based on programmed signals?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by blackchip, May 20, 2008.

  1. anyone do this?
  2. Quote Tracker is good for this using paintbars and alerts, but you need to configure your email on your broker's end to work with the trigger. IB users can use Bracket Trader fairly quickly to accomplish your goal. Page with instructions on how to do this:
  3. Thanks.

  4. Telechart can do this on a limited basis. Just price, up/downgrades, and news alerts

    It seems kind of archaic for this day and age, but if you're a longer term player, it may work for you.

    But you would obviously need to subscribe to their realtime service for 100bucks per month.
  5. Thanks. I'm looking for something intraday that contacts my cell phone so I don't have to sit around watching the screen, monitoring trades and posting on message boards all day and start productively multitasking around the pool watching nicer scenery. :D

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    Amibroker will send an email based upon virtually any criteria that you would like to set. I used it to send an emails to my gmail account and then monitored for new emails with gmail assistant.

    Another program is TWSLink, for use with an IBaccount. You can use TWSLink with many TA programs, such as TradeStation, Wealth Lab, Amibroker and so forth, and use it to send an email and/or automatically submit trades for you based on signals from your TA program and it's free! Download from