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  1. I'm looking to take my swing / active daytrading activity to the next level and try some market scalping....any good software to use for this? what about brokers? any of them better than the others for scalping or extremely active daytrading?
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    if you do not have your own strategy, and dream to buy software to make you money, it will turn out you make them money.
  3. let me clarify...I don't want to buy software that tells me when to enter....just want the best most reliable platform to trade my scalping strategy from
  4. NinjaTrader
    ZeroLine Trader
    MIrus Futures
    Global Futures
    Interactive Brokers
  5. for Futures
    TT the best around
  6. and TT would be short for.....?
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    I also suggest TT- Trading Technologies XTRADER.
    It's not cheap, but you get what you pay for. Solid and fast. I never had a problem in two years. The best for quick scalps.
    I also here Ninja/ Zenfire is good as well, but no personal experience.
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    If I trade ES, ZB, and CL, do you still have to pay for 3 exchanges for an X Trader subscription, even though they are all GLOBEX now?

    el surdo
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