Best software for scalping equities

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by lou vail, Oct 1, 2005.

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    lou vail

    Would like to hear what software others are using currently use lightspeed with ETRADE are any platforms similar if someone is familiar with lightspeed and has any info it would be appreciated.
  2. I think maybe you have a different definition of "scalping" than I do. For me, scalping means to sit on one stock and make the "spread" over and over all day long. Sometimes you get it, sometimes you don't. And, for that, software is a small component, because what really matters is your commission cost for trading large volumes of shares everyday.

    The fact that you are even contemplating using ETrade for scalping suggests to me that you may not entirely understand what's involved, because ETrade's commission structure is simply far too expensive to permit scalping, regardless of what software may be implemented.
  3. well scalping to me is in and out of positions in seconds or minutes with size so what helps me the most now is trading with three .lines were i can nx buy up to 3 times and sell nx up to 3 times without waiting 30 seconds for another nx this works for my style great
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    I'm a newbie, what about this 5 minute rule I've heard of, where you can't buy sell same stock within 5 minutes?
  5. anyone care to guess what E*TRADE prof llc

    commissions are for equity , options , futures ?

    ( I assume they are lower than typical E trade retail acct )
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    I was paying .006 all in for stocks when I traded through them 2 years ago. As far as I know Etrade closed their prop devision about 6 months ago.
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    is getting .0045 at a prop doing 20k per day a good deal??
  8. Which three firms do you use, and which is the fastest?
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    There is no such rule.

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    I think it was SOES, I got that mixed up.
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