Best Software For Image Back Up

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  1. Hi Traders,

    What is the best software to do image back up from PC "A" then re-install into PC "B" which is totally in different components.

    Anyone, please advice. Tq
  2. Butterball


  3. dom993


    There's one version of Macrium Reflect supposed to do it.

    Which OS are you currently on?
  4. am still using Win XP :)
  5. ofthomas


    they have the best product, IMO, for the retail/consumer market... otherwise, I would say Symc NetBackup... :)
  6. someone told me Acronic as well. They have many version on image back, don't know which version is suitable for doing this.
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  8. ntfs


    Seagate HD’s have diskwizard which is acronis. Not sure how it compares to the “official” version. Anyone know? I have a master hd and clone it to a slave hd and use the slave. I do this regularly. Keeps the crap down to a minimum. The only issue I see is that win 8 keeps saying “This copy of Windows is not genuine”. It is but I imagine due to the change of hd ms thinks it isn’t. So far cloning it regularly solves the issue but I may need to contact ms via phone because on line doesn’t fix this.
    Anyone know if the paid version of acronis resolves this?

  9. I've been successfully using Partimage under the SystemRescueCD for years to backup a WinXP system.

    It's not slick but it gets the job done.
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