Best software for historical backtesting?

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  1. I can have access to the data easily but dont know the software
  2. It's called search link.
  3. I'm not searching for random software

    Im searching for the software that certain people think is outstanding.

    Learn to read :cool:
  4. Well obviously you've done some research. You do that by doing searches here and at a site called Google. You're a college boy, right? Tell us what programs you've read about and what you think may be right for you. Then maybe we can help you by giving you some input.
  5. That's not what I'm asking. I am asking what YOU are using.:)
  6. I know

    That's what you should be asking.

    There have been 200 threads started on this subject. Your question has been answered here at ET countless times. We have no idea what your needs are. Are you so lazy that you can't do some searches and come back with something like this

    "I've done some research into programs for historical backtesting. The following software seems to meet my needs. I don't have experience with these programs. Can anyone who knows these programs give me a review?"

    Maybe you can try getting an HR job or perhaps try sales?
  7. I don't have needs. I am looking for the common denominator.

    I think you sound more suited for boiler-room jobs :)
  8. You don't have needs. I see.

    I think that comments signals the end of this thread.

    Amazing that you're so bone lazy that you still haven't done the simple search to find recent threads where your exact question has been answered in detail.
  9. built -in Protrader IDE - PTL Builder will help you with this for 100%.

    you can you use it as shareware ;)

    it is provided with MQL, EasyLanguage and PTL backtesting and debugging

    good luck!
  10. you should be proud you made it to my ignore list. fyi, not even stock_trad3r is ignored there.

    thanks billiejoe for the only serious post :)
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