Best Software for Designing and Backtesting a Trading System

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  1. I am new to rules-based / automated trading systems. I want to design, back test, forward test, and implement a rules-based trading system for futures and spot FX. I don't want to reinvent the wheel. Is there a "standard" software package for this type of work? Which software packages would be the best tools for this type of work and why?
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    check out , you can create fully customizable strategies and automate them around signals. Very new and cool software.
  3. Although a system resource hog, Ninjatrader can do most of that.

    If you have your own data, or can purchase your own data, backtesting is free.

    If you have your own data feed, then charting is free.

    Also, Ninjatrader has deals with certain brokers where the program can be used for automated trading for free.
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    If you want an application that is very power, you can code any type of trading system, get AMIBroker.

    It only costs $199.00 and for stocks the data is free. If you want to trade futures you will have to get a data feed.

    I used AMIBroker to create a market timing system that produced very good results, but that system could have been developed in any package. My point is, if you want to create a system, and you are ready to get in and code you cannot go wrong with AMIBroker.

    There are some third party systems you can buy for AMIBroker, there are basic examples in the help, but has any really seen an out of the box system that works, that someone would sell?


    Market Timing System: Written and back-tested in AMIBroker.