Best software for a large number of charts?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by DanR, Sep 8, 2002.

  1. DanR



    I would like to ask what is the best software (with realtime data) for displaying about 20 realtime charts (2/5 min.). I am looking for a software that could show at least 12 charts in a 15"monitor, and of course they should be as clear as possible.

    At present I use QT that has excellent charts, but they are not multiday.

  2. mbodrogi


    You might want to consider using Aspen Graphics. With Aspen you can display an unlimited number of charts on a given screen. All the charts are in realtime and can be intraday from anywhere between 0-1439 minutes.:cool:
  3. "show at least 12 charts in a 15"monitor"
    1 chart for every 1.25 inch? Wow, you must have good eyes!

    Have Fund Trading!
  4. For crystal clear charts and very user friendly I rec QCharts. They get a bad wrap here, but I think most of that is old before the server farm rebuilds.

  5. birgulino,

    Isn't he talking about a 15" diagonal monitor - so around 10"x12" or so??

    12 charts arranged 4 across and 3 high would be about 3" square each - still kind of small for my taste (I prefer the larger format available on dual 19" monitors), but to each his/her own.
  6. Phreedm


    IMHO, one of the best kept secrets for inexpensive charting are SierraCharts.
    Their data feed can either be IB or MyTrack. The charts are simple yet crisp with a lot of flexibility in both layout and time frame.
    There is also a very active message board for support or new ideas.
    However, I agree........12 charts on a 15 inch monitor would require a separate magnifying screen to read the symbols let alone chart detail.
  7. I use 12 charts on my 13" monitor.....I can't see them either
  8. DanR


    I have no problem in displaying 4*3 Quotetracker charts on one monitor : it seems to me that their charts are larger than those of other softwares (i.e Nextrend allows 3*2 charts at best).

    Thanks for the advices: they are of great help.
  9. hans130


    Nextrend for beginners.
  10. lescor


    I have four 21" monitors for charts. I've displayed up to 64 charts in qcharts with no problem. I now use FirstAlert as well and am using one of the screens for charts, which has 16 of them up, again no problem. I think qcharts has better looking charts.
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