Best software for a beginner?

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  1. Can you tell me what you feel is the best charting software for a beginner? Also any other suggestions in regards to software would be appreciated. Thanks all

  2. You may want to post what your specific needs are but TC 2000 is widely considered the best software for the price for End of Day data... so much so that it tends to dominate what most trading groups, investment clubs, etc. use from what I have seen.

    However if your needs are minimal you may be able to get away with just using a or or any o fthe many related internet websites. Most beginners start there then when they find some patterns they like to look for (scan) or techncial studies that they like to run, move up to a TC2000 or some other type of related package.

  3. medved.....

    best free service, had the icon right on my pc and didn't even think of that one. Nice call.

  4. medved quotetracker. forget scottrade, go with another broker!
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    I had a similar question a couple of months back and found after lots of research, and thanks to all the recommendations from elitetrader members, that sierrachart was ideal for my needs. It provides streaming real time charting with most of the indicators you would need, as well as allowing you to build your own indicators and scans.

    The price is $35 for six months plus the data feed from mytrack which for real time is approx $45 per month. For the price, I think it is an excellent package for the beginner/intermediate.

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    the best software for a beginner is the most expensive one - since the beginner has greater needs than someone who is experienced

    the beginner, for sure, needs the most reliable data feed, and the most flexible and easy to use charting
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    Disagree, stevet.

    A PC is much easier to figure out that a Cray supercomputer.

    Good tool is great only if you already know how to use it.
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    you are confusing the word - expensive - with - complicated - which is not the case

    it just always seems illogical that beginners are always recomended to go to the cheap software - which is harder to use interactivly than the more expensive software - but the beginner is none the wiser and ends up having to develop a style without realising what is available

    when u r trading - it is the real thing - so yu need the best tools- so u can learn from your mistakes

    but this is just my view - to counter all the people who might send a learner off to learn with stuff like IB data fed charts - which is a recipe for disaster!

    p.s. - if u want an analogy - how about using a dos pc with a home made spreadsheet program - or - using the latest excel on a 2.5ghz computer - and using the setup as a core to making yourself money - not a hobby
  9. I think eSignal equities @ $79/month annualized is probably the best way to go:

    Quotes - EOD and realtime
    Charts - EOD and realtime including eminis

    Probably the best overall service available for the $
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