best software for a beginner?

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  1. any suggestions?
  2. im looking for a good trading platform to use for some light day trading
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    you will have to be more specific... what do you trade? do you require charting? etc... Your question is like "what's the best car out there?"
  4. yeah i realized the question was way too general. i'll be trading NYSE equities and i require charting
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  6. does quotetracker also enable me to execute the orders?
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    what means "execute the order" for you? You can send the order from QT to your broker...
  8. is that too slow for day trading? to have ti sent to my broker, say TD ameritrade?
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    Yes you can execute orders from the software and no it isent slow for day trading ( look at the 2nd screenshot here QT only has a few brokers you can trade direct from the software with you can see the list here the list of borkers you can use is under "Integrated Trading Supported Brokerages" TD Ameritrade is one of them, not only that TD Ameritrade is a QT Sponsoring Brokerage so you get the software with no ads for free.
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    NinjaTrader is free for charting and analytics connected to your TD AMERITRADE account. There is a software fee if you wish to use to to trade live.

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