Best Software Ever?

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    This is my first post but I have been in the investing software and programs reviews for years now and I have seen lots of different options out there but I am wondering, what is the best software you have ever used and why?

    I put together several stock software reviews at settlementfinding(dot)com, but my intention is not to advertise...
    I am sure that the ones that have made you the most money would top the list, but were they really the best SOFTWARE?
    Maybe some one would start a poll or something, but I wonder, what makes one better than another to you?

  2. Best Software Ever?
    It's the software sitting between your ears.

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    AND I agree. However, lots of newbie investors spend thousands of investable dollars on junk software that does nothing for them but have them watch little arrows and guess on stock activity.

    My question is more for those platforms or training tools that actually ARE helpful.
  4. "stuff sitting between your ears" are the hardware... the software are your thoughts. and you can upgrade or downgrade them.


  5. the software are your thoughts
    That's what the crowd has been told to believe these days. I didn't intend to go into this.


    My "software sitting between your ears" was only meant as a warning that "Best Software Ever" is largely an illusion, especially for the inexperienced.
  6. trade-ideas as far as I am concerened
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  8. Basically:

    Tracks every tick on every stock, index, ETF and emini, no symbol limits.

    Finds patterns that otherwise would be hard to find just by hand in real-time

    Relatively inexpensive
  9. There are a lot of different software out there that have different strength and weakness. Software that does charting well, software that does order execution well, software that does scanning well or may be it is just a good system.

    So may be some detail on what BEST mean?
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    Diamond trim is a notorious spammer. He works for trade-ideas. I expect him to be banned soon.
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