Best smartphone for Interactive Brokers customers

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  1. What is the best smartphone for Interactive Brokers customers?

    iPhone? Blackberry? Something else?

    Specifically can you talk on the iPhone or Blackberry and use the Interactive Brokers mobile app at the same time?

    I know that some smartphones have limited multitasking capabilities. I don't want to get cut off from a trade because I have to take a phone call. I would like to be able to talk and trade at the same time. Is this possible?

    Thank you for any feedback you have on this.
  2. With iphone yes. I use the free ib iphone app, it works fine. It's light years ahead of what they had previously - some crappy mobile trader website that NEVER worked.

    Wish they would make option viewing more accessible but no complaints overall. I do most of my trades using my iphone now.
  3. Iphone version is better then bbry version due to the fact of a bigger screen for more space.
  4. So with the iPhone you can talk on the phone and trade on TWS at the same time? The iPhone has no problem multitasking like that?
  5. Multitasking is fine, but you will log tws out if you access it with your iphone and vice versa.
  6. You can install a remote vnc app on your phone and have TWS desktop running from work / home computer and see- access it in your phone.

    I am using a droid app for VNC and VNC on destop. Although TWS mobile is really nice ... I find it much better to see desktop tws on phone and have full control of work desktop while away.

    This way you can take a call and still be connected to remote desktop.
  7. How hard is trading like that through your android? I am curious, because i would love additional functionality that itws doesn't have.

  8. Takes a little getting used to. Keep in mind as you are placing your fingers across the phone touch screen you are moving a mouse around on your desktop and could hit any button.
    A little practice and it is fine.
    You do not want to place quick scalp trades. Other than this mentioned it is very easy to control desktop from phone and have access to the full platform.
  9. Here is a picture I just snapped of the droid x with vnc that I am holding side by side next to a home laptop. IB sim platform is running on laptop and you will see the IB setup from the laptop displayed on the droidx and completely controllable on the mobile phone through a vnc.

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