Best skiing/mountain biking north america?

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    What is the best skiing and mountain biking resort in North America with high speed internet access? thanks
  2. In Lake Tahoe!

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    Better than Jackson Hole or Aspen? I see on the Aspen website they have the best nightlife but is the skiing any good?
  4. Tahoe is not just for skiing - It's the whole experience. :)
  5. Aspen is often challenged by snow depth (as is most of Colorado). Jackson is much more consistent, and an awesome hill. Can be a bit brutal with the weather. No state income tax there either!

    My personal choice is Utah. By far the best powder skiing around (combining depth and quality. Its a myth that Utah snow is lighter than Colorado, but they get a lot more of it in a typical year). Last year was the first really bad year I've seen in Utah in years. Alta and Snowbird have a combined ticket/pass now. Park City is the only ski town. Very cool, but less snow than the Cottonwood Canyons resorts by far.

    The mtn biking is excellent there, and you simply cannot beat southern Utah for riding. Widely considered the best mtn biking on Earth.

    Favorite single resort is Squaw (Tahoe), but snow quality and depth are often an issue, and the crowds can be epic. Yes, Squaw can have 50 feet in January, but it can also be bare at that time.

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    Expensive, but my personal choice is Whistler. You might want to look at the "Best places to live thread," I know of one ETer that lives there part time, Corvus.
  7. You might want to take a look in Durango. Never skied there but entered a downhill and slalom mountain bike competition. It was pretty sweet. Telluride is also a good choice, you're about 2 1/2 hours from Moab and if you get tired of skiing in Telluride you can go to Moab and mountain bike year round!

    For mountain biking in Telluride in the summer its nice too. Lots of trails and you can throw your bike on the lift in the summer time and bonzai downhill. The mud season lasts a while though and the trails have about a 2 month window of good riding conditions.
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    I have heard, I live in london so I haven't heard much!, that the weather is bad in Whistler. I am a keener cyclist than skiier. Is Moab nearer Nevada. I will have to find a good map on the web. thanks

    They have links on this page for maps, etc.

    Moab is a really sweet town, their busy seasons are the fall and spring. Lots of car commercials, music videos and movies are filmed there. They have alot of different terrain for riding. Single tracks, slick rock, technical, downhill. Great jeeping trails. Moab is very popular with German tourists for some reason. I heard because it is the stereotypical western cowboy scenery.

    Moab is in Eastern Utah. I live about 1 1/2 hours away from there.
  10. Often rains at Whistler in the winter! Awesome mtn though.

    Moab is southern Utah. The area has Five, count em, FIVE national parks/ monuments. Bloody gorgeous.

    Most of the skiing is in Northern Utah. Seven resorts within a 40 minute drive of Salt Lake airport.
    Park City
    Deer Valley

    I'd still live there if I didn't completely burn out on skiing. Need wind now (windsurfing).

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