Best site to view biggest winners/losers and most volume for the day?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by BaconFat, Jul 11, 2019.

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    What's a good site to see the biggest winners/losers listed on one page in real real or as close as possible to real time? I currently use Stock Market Watch to see top ten lists of biggest gainers, biggest losers, highest volume, etc.

    The problem is that site is way behind real time.. like as much as 15-20 minutes sometimes. I'm looking for something similar that doesn't have such a delay. Any suggestions?

    And yes, I realize I can just use a stock screener, but I was looking for something convenient where I can view those things in a pinch without having to enter the parameters.
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    Not much to see at 4:51 am ET, but Lightspeed Trader offers a module called Risers and Fallers. Configure once.
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    I'm assuming you have to have an account with Lightspeed for that though, right? I'm looking for an easy-to-access website.
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    So you want real-time data for free?
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    Yes, this would require opening a trading account with us. The tool is standard.
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    What an insightful post. Thank God we have people like you here to enlighten us! :rolleyes:
  8. Hi, is an excellent resource. It has all the info for free ,plus other tools such as screener and charts are excellent too. Most features are free and hardly have any delay. But you can always subscribe to real time data for a fees. It is quite addictive. Even if you don't have real time news subscription of any kind and you see a ticker moving you can check the symbol and the latest news will be their first.
    Just FYI, am just a user and not a salesman.
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    This is an excellent website with a lot of value however it is 15 min delayed.
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