best site/platform w/out trading capability

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ps912, Aug 27, 2021.

  1. ps912


    Does anyone know of any good sites/platforms that have real-time level 2, watch lists, and charts without the brokerage/trading capabilities? Basically a good day-trading platform, but without the trading. Thank you.
  2. xandman


    You forgot the magic word: "Free".

    What you want is significantly more expensive than simply opening a brokerage account and paying miniscule data fees for level 2.
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  3. ZBZB


  4. bloomberg terminal
  5. Mark2m


    Worden TC2K have been using for 14 years, I can scan 9K stocks for volume, price, etc You also have simplified PCF's (personal criteria formulas) which for me includes volume averages cross overs, and a myriad of indicators of my own choosing all on a 1 minute to one month basis. Extremely reasonable, unfortunately poor with fibonacci . For that reason I also use Sierra for advanced charting.
  6. trading view
  7. GotherL


    Well you can get DAS trader or Sterling silver without having to actually trade in your broker account.

    You just need to have an account with a broker that supports them.

    Your not gonna find a platform with realtime charts & level 2 for cheap out there...
  8. Medved Trader will work with or without a broker. Can get a datafeed from IQFeed, QuoteMedia, webull etc. without a broker account
  9. tiddlywinks


    Ensign Software has no trading capability.
    But you need to bring your own real-time feed.

    Feed costs can be quite expensive without a funded trading account.
    otoh, if you do have a funded trading account, depending on compatibility, you can use that feed with non-trading software.