Best simulator for offline trading?

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  1. What is the best simulator to practice trading at night or on weekends using stored data files?

    It must offer a graphical/mouse order interface.

    It must store a trade log and print/export reports showing profit and loss.

    It must be able to start, stop and reverse the replayed data.

    It must be able to read ASCII quote files (or some popular format).

    The data must be simultaneously viewable in a charting program.


    The requirements above seem reasonable (to me), but none of the products I've studied can do all of them. Notes below, to the best of my knowledge:

    Autotrader - does not have a graphical interface

    Ninja Trader - offers just a few data files in proprietary Patsystems format requiring Patsystems charting for viewing. No start and stop buttons.

    Zeroline Trader - does not have replay features.

    Buttontrader - plays files in a proprietary format which does not interface with any charting software.

    Bracket Trader - plays back files from Sierra Chart and eSignal. Does not have a reverse feature. Stop button can be slow to respond.

    Would appreciate hearing of any product that can do it all!
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  3. I see they have a "Market Replay" feature. The website doesn't have a whole lot of information. Do you know which data feeds they work with?

    Do you use TM?

  4. TradeMaven works with PatSystems and Transact datafeeds. May work with others by now, but I know of those two.

    Ninja Trader adn Button Trader worrk with IB datafeeds but I don't know about the recording feature.
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    Ensign, I don't know if it's got all the bells and whistles you want but it was great to practice on great support and always improving.
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    Trademaven has a free trial that you can check out.
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    Check out
  8. I am looking into Ensign. It has better charting than most and a wealth of data files to work with and the ability to create more.

    There is also a vast amount of trader resources for those who use Ensign. And, the author answered my first few questions very promptly.

    Unfortunately, there is no DOM/graphical order interface, it does not have a reverse button as noted and I'm not sure what can be done with the trade transaction log.

    I'll post more when I know more.

    I appreciate the suggestions. Keep them coming.
  9. This product is $1500, $2750 or $3750! Outside my budget!

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