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  1. What's the best and most inexpensive charting software that can use IB data? I only use price action so I don't need anything fancy, and I could use the IB charts but the java slows down the computer big time. Any suggestions?
  2. I personally like medved quote tracker.... Seems to work well for me.
  3. Great product, great support, $60/year.
  4. Agreed! If you don't need to "create" indicators, etc., I would agree that QuoteTracker is your best bet and you get some of the best support of any software.
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    Just to clarify, MEDVED Quote Tracker is free. Paying $60/year is optional.

    What do you get for paying $60/yr?

    - No banner ads.
    - Up to 10 days intraday historical instead of only 2 days in the free version.
    - Up to 1 year Daily Historical Data instead of only 6 months in the free version.

  6. If you use another feed such as prophet or yhoo for the free historical data, there's like 30 yrs of daily bars.
  7. ensign also works well. $40/month

    i was originally having some data issues with it, but if you can manage to throw everything you need onto 1 layout, rather than separate them across multiple pages it works fine.
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    Very true. I should have said up to 1 year with IB's historical backfill feed.
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    NinjaTrader Simulation Edition which includes charts is free for IB.
  10. Ok thanks guys... I'm trying Quotetracker out right now. Just a few questions about it. How can I make the candles very large so I can see them even if the window with the chart is very small? Also, how do I bring up futures like the russell and crude with IB data on Medved?

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