Best Short-term Trading System

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    Not recommending them, but if you want a system they are the place to start looking.
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  2. One thing i didnt mention...this software needs to be able to execute trades with the exececution platform I have the API for.

    Basically, my paramaters will have very little to do with technical analysis and i will be trading NYSE for the most part. (Based on my research, i see that most of these products rely on chart patterns and formations which is not the way i want to be programming my trades)
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  3. Tradestation would be your best bet
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  4. 11-25-03 06:29 PM
    Best Short-term Trading System
    Hi...I've been doing research and it's getting overwhelming to find the best solution. Does anyone know what system trading ("black box") solution is good for short term trading and scalping? There are sooooo many products out there! Thx.

    T-REX used to give away stuff for free on ET until they shut'em down. You could PM him and if you beg him on your hands and knees maybe he will put you on his list. from what I've read in his T-REX Journal his calls were outstanding! I don't know why he was not recognized as being a great discretional trader?:confused:

    The guy was good and very polite given all the rude criticism he received.

    ......but I think I can do better than he if you are willing to send me $$$$12 million .....I'll sell ya mine.
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  5. yup,

    I second that,

    T-REX is a good one! IMHO
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  6. i would use tradestation for developing a futures trading sytem and wealth lab for a stock trading system.
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  7. t-rex claimed a 90% win rate and then failed miserably to produce it. once a liar always a liar.
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  8. 69trader69,

    Go and ask Santa Claus. He has truly what you are looking for.

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  9. i went back and re-read his journal (now closed) and he clarified that the 90% win rate referred to his "rate of return".
    you are right in saying that he failed to produce a 90% return.
    he actually produced a 256% in NQ.

    i do not believe that even I have done that so far.
    have you?

    by the way his live demo was off da hook B.

    i could never do what he has done for ET.
    can you?

    i would think not.
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