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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by 69trader69, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. Hi...I've been doing research and it's getting overwhelming to find the best solution. Does anyone know what system trading ("black box") solution is good for short term trading and scalping? There are sooooo many products out there! Thx.
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    Its just that easy!
    Did you really think someone is going to sell a system that actually works. Great first post butthead!


    Good luck on your never ending search for the investment truth!
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    Send me your money, I'm better then any short-term trading system out there *wink wink*
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    What the rude ET members are trying to say is that such a "for sale" system/software that really works in real time probably doesn't exist. You are going to have to do some research and discover what works for you on your own.
  5. Thanks for your kind words Ebo. Are there any humans out there who can offer any help?
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    I do not see you offering us your system!

    :D :
  7. What i mean by trading system is the Software, not your personal tricks and methods of system trading. I'm simply looking for a stable system with a good user interface that will be good for testing MY OWN short term strategies. A lot of these systems promise u incredible returns, yata yata...I dont care about that. I wont be using their built-in ideas anyway.

    Problem is, when you're first starting out and trying to find a software product there is an abundance of companies claiming to have the best software. What better way to see who's good than by asking ppl here?
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    Then ask that!
    You asked for what "Black Box" do people use.

    Try E Signal Trial for 30 days free.
    or TradeStation.
    Both come with Strategy backtesting ability.

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    You wouldn't want it. I'm still looking for some consistency with it.

    As far as software, many use TradeStation and that is probably the main program semi-pro home traders use. I use Metastock which has less programming ability but I find much easier to use and do what I want. There is also a program called AmiBroker which is much like Metastock but much much less expensive. And, there are those who swear by Trade Prospector. Currently that program doesn't support real time Esignal so I have no experience with it.
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    You may want to read through Jack's site. I leased a system from him years ago but without disclosed logic I could not pull the triger.

    You would need TradeStation to use his stuff. I think he offers some sort of "free system" if you sign up for his mailings?
    Some interesting reading at any rate.

    Some system code is available here, good for ideas to get you thinking.

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