Best Seasonal Charts?

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by hcour, Apr 6, 2004.

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    I'd be interested in any opinions on who has the best, most accurate seasonal charts, either for fee or free.

    Also, do you consider them to be a useful tool for futures trading? Some people seem to pooh-pooh them, others say ignore them at your peril. Any thoughts much appreciated.

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  3. Both selections are good.

    Seansonal tendencies should not be traded alone, but used as an additional tool. Combining seasonal tendencies with technical analysis and some fundamental information, will eventually lead you to high probability trading.

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    EB - Thanks for the links. Here's another I found w/15 & 40 yr seasonals. Freebie. I like the idea of the 2 timeframes, since markets change and this may give some insight into that.

    Charles - Great. Your response is just the way I've been thinking, using seasonals as an additional tool in analysis, not the end-all-be-all.

    This is the kind of thing that has been interesting me lately in futures over stocks. Since a commodity like Soybeans actually has a genuine seasonal cycle of supply and demand, then seasonal charts should have much more relevance than in the stock market. When combined w/TA and some basic fundamentals, just as you say, this could give an nice edge to smart traders who know to take everything w/a grain of salt and always look for the contra-move.

    Things like COT and OI also seem to be futures "extry's" that aren't nearly as useful in the stock market.

    Thanks for the info, guys,
  5. [​IMG] Add spreads to that, and you are on your way to profits.
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    Yes, seasonal trading can be a very valuable tool.

    To my thinking, it is best used in conjunction with fundamanetal/technical analysis, not as a standalone trading tool.

    Many commodities do exhibit strong seasonal tendencies. Seasonal charts are great visual tools for identifying seasonal tendencies during periods of the year, but it is best if you can also get the "numbers behind the charts" - that gives you the probabilities, max risk, avg drawdown, profit targets, etc.

    Putting all of the above together can certainly help to improve your results and hopefully profitabilty.

    As for the request for recommendations for services, I would not consider these recommendations, but here are 3 services I'm aware of. I would compare to see what suits you best.

    Moore Research: - charts and some analysis. they provide monthly strategies as well

    Seasonex: - lots of numbers and otpimization, but no charts

    Futures Research Corp - - charts and numbers as well as 60 days of strategies