Best Screener? Trade-Ideas Pro 2.3?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Nikolov09, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. I am looking for a better stock screener then the one currently on my platform. When I looked it up I heard a few good reviews regarding Trade-Ideas Pro 2.3.

    Does the above mentioned screener have any competition? How about worth the price?

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  2. I have been using it since 2003 and I do not know of anything that comes close to its functionality and customizability.
  3. madscan is a competitor and a sponsor on ET.
    Only tried both as demo adn not real time so I can't comment. But from what I've seen, tradeideas seems better.
  4. Thank you for the reply's - I will give Trade-Ideas a try, but the only thing I am worried about is if I can view 20-40 stocks at once
  5. I know they guys that started Trade-Ideas. In fact a few of the alerts are old requests of mine back in 2003.

    The free demo is very limited and does not give a feel for the real power of the product. I can even give you a few setting that we use.


    If you send me your name and email, we have a special deal with the CEO of Trade Ideas that will turn on all the REAL TIME features for a 1 week free trial.

    Just contact us thru and we will forward your info to them. Its worth a try for sure.
  6. I have a watch list of 175 stocks in one window. I have another that monitors ONLY the ETFs, and then I have 2 alerts for Explosive moves up and down filtered for high volume and fast movement.

  7. I just paid 62.00 and I cant filter by NYSE or NASDAQ..the boxes are grayed out?...WHAT the FU-K?

    and the guys arnt on AIM so I cant ask for help. LAME!
  8. I am actually looking at Radarscreen through trade station.

    I would like to search by Slow Stochastics. MACD crossing over 80% line etc.

    It would seem Trade Ideas, doesn't have search by specific indicators like Stoch, MACD?

  9. 1strader


    I would check out Stealth Alerts. Best stock screening platform out there. Been using it for some time now and couldn't be happier. PM me if you need more info