Best SciFi Movies

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  1. bronks


    My list:

    1. Blade Runner (all time)
    2. Gattaca
    3. The Matrix
    4. Dune
    5. District 9
    6. Empire Strikes Back
    7. Men in Black (faster is right)
    8. Logans Run

    I never tire of watching the top 4. Dune would've been higher if only for the cheesy special effects. Interestingly enough, the top four all have elements of film noir (neo-noir) in them. And I happen to like Harrison Ford's voice over in BR.

    I know I missed some.
  2. they don't make a good sci fy any more :mad:
  3. you didn't like Men In Black?
  4. You missed 2001 a space odyssey and it should be number one.:D
  5. what about Mars Attacks! :D
  6. bronks


    I consider it more of a comedy... (shit, now I have to take out MIB from my list). I did enjoy it though.
  7. The Hidden was a good sci fi flick from the 80s I believe
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