Best Scanner??

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jpomerenke, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. What is the best scanner for gaps? I want one that has lots of options, and average range, volume, etc, etc,.... not thses shitty gap scanners that shoot out ABCD stock that trades 10k shares a day and is a 2.00 stock... Also were it just scans certain stocks you want it to option.... Thanks!
  2. nitro


    I am developing it.

  3. You can't beat for the price $45.00 per month.

    Does everything you want with gaps.
  4. Comon..theres got to be tons out there..whats the best :)
  5. WWW.TRADEGOPHER.COM is very similar to
    and Pristine EPS, but it is more catogerized based on your
    trading style and timeframe that you use, and also more
    customizeable like seting for "when accured", " ranking",
    colorcoding strategies, startegy alarts, and overnight scan,
    for swing and shortterm traders, MIn/Max price, volume,...

    Best feature is that it offers you Free Charting also, when you
    click the symbole, it loads to the chart
  6. I found to be also a good value for
    overnight and swingtraders.

    If you have account at Ameritrade (datek), you can get it
    for 14$. If you go to the site directly, you have to pay 39$.
  7. Casey30


    First Alert is a great scanner but costly. Probably more than 400.00 bucks a month when you include exchange fees.
  8. With Even 400$ still data feed have to be bought seperatly.
    I don't thing it is cost effective for many new and indivitual
    small traders, since this product is mostly used at brokerage
    and prop firm with licensing for several feed at lower price.

    If you are small trader, it's best to write your own strategies
    in EL, TS 7 can scan and automate those for you for free, if
    you have account with them.