Best Scalping Indicators

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    Sharpe ratio is quite good start though and proven.

    Frankly, my best attempt at long-term don't beat the very very best funds, so beginning to think more short-term gains may be key. In my book, it's not enough to get a return, but cost-effective returns for both the investments and risks. So even when successful, remains a hard game where others have you beat from the start.
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    Remember there is a price to pay going shorter term, labor hours, slippage, brokerage, stress & commitment, potential for more errors, the need to work at an increased pace.
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    Well its about finding a balance between short-term and long-term targets. Focusing on short-term gains you may be willing to accept the risk to run into a losing streak which is quite common and may hit you badly if you dismiss safety ride rules. Trying to shape far-going outlook you may be well in handling "bumps" of the medium-term ride, but increase risks of blowout as we all die in the long run.
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    Good post Love The Trade; dont know if that will help scalpers-it may. BUT MUCH more important== it may help profit, next 12 months.I have used more than 7 tek indicators. Some may ask doesnt that slow you down?? Exactly; + by the way the daytrading company owner Don Bright[Don Bright Trading]admitted he use a longer time frame in his retire account......................................................................
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  5. I use AO hidden divergence
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  6. What kind of correlation indicators? Your own?
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    Nice, I like the hidden part. The key to trading is finding the secret hidden stuff that nobody else knows about. Well except for the other x number of people who bought that indicator.
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    I think he means Aroon Oscillator....

    DEFINITION of 'Aroon Oscillator'
    What is the 'Aroon Indicator'

    The Aroon indicator is atechnical indicatorused for identifying trends in anunderlying securityand the likelihood that the trends will reverse. It is made up of two lines: one line is called "Aroon up", which measures the strength of the uptrend, and the other line is called "Aroon down", which measures thedowntrend. The indicator reports the time it is taking for the price to reach, from a starting point, the highest and lowest points over a given time period, each reported as a percentage of total time.

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  9. Thanks
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  10. I think the risk should much more lower for long term and can be high for short term
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