Best Scalping Indicators

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  1. Let us give Mr. Edwin a chance to tell us what indicators he has been using as trend follower. We are here to learn from each other right?
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    cue the....
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    Scalping? ... more like being scalped by the predatory big fish. Your'e about a decade late to the days when the best traders could buy on the bid and sell on the ask. But if you must scalp the only thing that proceeds price is volume - all indicators lag since they are derived from price.
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    For scalping don't use indicators, you want to minimize lag.
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    No there is a magic indicator, give him the indicator.
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  6. 2 long period moving average crossovers. Give it a try for the next 12 months.
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  7. The guy said scalping indicator NOT Swing indicator :sneaky:
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  8. I don't know, how about the 2 period RSI?
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  9. Mr. Jay or Mr. Edwin? which name do you prefer?

    I use seven technical indicators (5-minute period), four correlation indicators and of course the economic calendar for scalping.

    Now, I will trade you my scalping techniques for your Blueprint book that you are selling for 47 bucks!

    what do you say? :sneaky:
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    So many frauds in this industry it's sickening.
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