Best routes to prevent trade-throughs

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by giggollo, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. If i want to place a passive limit order, and prevent the possibility of my order getting traded through, what are the best routes
    to use?

    With BRUT, my passive limit order gets automatically re-routed to another ECN if that ECN tries to cross the BRUT quote, and i get filled. This eliminates the possibility of getting traded through on BRUT.

    Are there others like that? What about limit orders placed on Supermotage/ARCA/INET/BTRD/TRAC/ATTN/?
    Can you sort them in order of "least likely to get traded-through?"

  2. alanm


    I believe ARCA will re-route for Naz stocks, based on the fact that I occasionally get a resting liquidity-adding order executed with the indicator that it took liquidity. I believe this does NOT happen for listed stocks.
  3. What about Supermontage? Anyone know if you can get traded through if you place a limit order on Supermontage?