Best risk management and position sizing optimization software for retail traders?

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm new to trading again but They say no strategy works if does't include risk % and position sizing implemented in it.
    Looking at 90% or more of strategies in market, they don't tell you how much you have to % risk stop and how much % capital in each trade.

    I'm willing to learn, what are best softwares in market, which can give you idea around how to build your own money managment for your portfilio? Like adaptrade or something esle ? Thank you
  2. 2rosy


    cplex, mosek, gurobi
    cvxpy, pyomo
  3. which do you recommand and why ? Seems to me what you suggested are all optimization purpose software, not soley for trading purpose software only and not geared toward avarage trader like me. Thank you
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  4. tonyf


    MS Excel - unquestionably.
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  5. taowave


    Quantshare is pretty good
  6. looks to me it is developed by a middle-eastern company and promoting exchanges in those countries region there ...not sure if i can trust it's reliability
  7. taowave


    Amibroker is decent too..
  8. Not a trading platform, but I'm looking for something which purely designed for advance risk manage and position sizing for a portfolio and takes care of it and update positions for you
  9. 2rosy


    the commercial products are similar cplex and gurobi
    you can do this yourself for free in excel or anything
  10. I repeat again, these are solvers. I need something that can read and connects to my trading platform and receives data and update position sizing for my portfolio in real time.

    Even cplex, Gurobi might be able to do those tasks and even more, but needs to know lot of technicalities to find your way around it to make it you work smooth, which most traders never have that kind of skills or know how .
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