Best Retailers to short now till EOY?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Avalanche, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. With articles like this starting to pop up and wanting to cover when the the major mag's do their "is the consumer tapped" cover stories closer to christmas or the end of year:

    "Overdue Credit Card Bills Hit Record High"

    What is everyone shorting and looking to cover after christmas if your working off the thesis that this year will be a bad one for the retailers?

    Seems like the speciality retailers might be the ones to go after but i've tried shorting the Tiffany's of the world before without much sucess even when the other ones came in. Guess it was toooooo high end.......anyone wanna take a stab at the upper middle class high end stuff?

    Other ideas appreciated as well.

    I overlayed one of the larger credit card companies with the retailers here.......might be worth doing a convergance pairs trade on the two as well.

  2. Missed out on shorting ARO AEOS ANF and BEBE from early July. URBN is one apparel retailer that still comes up on my short screens.
  3. fstrader


    I shorted BLI (Big Lots) today. I also like TLB (Talbots) as a short.
  4. Looking way back on daily chart, ANF still has an open gap near 40-41.