best remove desktop program?

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    Anyone have experience with different remote desktop applications? And how do they compare with windows remote assistant? It's going to be used specifically for trading so it will need to update quickly with charts/level2/t&s. Reason being is that I plan on traveling for a while and I need to manage my colocated gray-box. But since I still need to make decisions I need the screen to refresh quickly so I can actively trade. For example, I've seen VNC not at all be able to handle constant screen updates.

    Also, it needs to be able to handle disconnections/interruptions well cause I'll be visiting some countries with questionable internet.

  2. I've used GoToMyPC for many years and have been very happy. Settings are adjustable depending on your network (no sound, less colors, etc).
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    I remember using the trail a year ago. Does it connect directly between both computers or does the information have to flow through their website first?
  5. wucah

    wucah its free and it works awsome. Best value for money hands down.
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    I've used windows remote desktop without too many problems, it will drop on you sometimes though.

    It's free and it works.

    not to sound like a broken record but "it's free and it works"

    we use it at w.o.r.k. and I can even remote login to a macbook from a winderz machine.
  9. forget vnc or those web based solutions like logmein or gotomypc. Vnc is an old and outdated protocol.

    I strongly suggest Radmin. Its 300 times faster than VNC. A lifetime license is only 50$, and its the most stable and fastest remote desktop solution you can get.
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