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    What contemporary or obscure religous book would you buy for a friend?
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    My first response would be "None". But maybe your friend needs some support or guidance through some issue in life?
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    Lol, are you kidding?

    The concordance is nearly as long as the book itself.
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    saturn death cult 996.jpg
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    How weird I thought at first. But the connotations in this article are just the same as those used in the past by anti-semitics. Anyone who believes this stuff will believe anything. And the man who will believe anything is a dangerous thing.
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    Here's a dangerous man...They come in all flavors, no?
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  10. maxinger


    don't know.

    But one of the worst religious books is the bible.

    extremely extremely repetitive.
    That is why it is very important to have the EDITOR and PUBLISHER.
    Or perhaps they have an editor but the editor did not do a good job.
    I have read the bible 2 times already.
    Absolutely no 3rd time for me !!!!

    very poorly written.
    If you publish a book that is written in the bible way, no one will buy it.
    If the teacher asks you to write a composition/story,
    you will get a grade D- (the worst grade) if you use the bible way of writing.

    very confusing.
    you don't know when you can commit murder/incest/start a war.
    No wonder Catholics disallow you to have a bible.

    how to survive in the fish's stomach for 3 days?
    (OK OK. miracles do happen).

    some of the books are for highly talented professional lawyers.
    a layman wouldn't understand those books.
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