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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Champion, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. I trade but not using this particular computer which I have. It likes to freeze every now and then. Any advice here would be welcome as to how to clean up the Registry on my Windows (Millennium) software on this computer. It appears to have errors.

    Is any particular Registry Cleaner software recommended?

    What are your experiences?
  2. gnome


    Most cleaners seem to clean a few good files as well as bad, so expect a little difficulty.

    Many people swear by CCleaner... personally, it's caused me too much trouble so I don't use it.

    Trading with WinME? That's problematical in itself.
  3. Hello gnome.

    As I said I don't use this particular computer for trading (Windows Me). I have 3 computers. But I thought I should get the Registry of this non-trading computer fixed.

    Thanks for your comments though.
  4. Windows Millenium is the worst version there has ever been. It's programmed to not function.
    Better replace it and your problems will probably be solved.
  5. Instead of trying to clean it up, I would replace ME.

    And, if you have the original ME CD's and documentation, put it in a pile in the middle of the room, pour gas over it, and burn it. You don't want ME spreading and infecting your other system - IT IS THAT BAD!!!
  6. You beat me to it!
  7. Like in trading: you have to be faster than the others.

  8. If your registry is damaged then its unlikely that a registry cleaner is going to help - all they tend to do is remove unused entries (which would not be causing errors). I agree with the others, re-install, preferrably with a better OS...
  9. I don't have Windows millennium on my other 2 computers of course.

    The problem of freezing by my WinMe computer has just recently re-surfaced. Funnily enough it has otherwise been fairly good. Apart from the hassle of installing something else, I wanted to know who had used Registry Cleaners and what their views or recommendations were?
  10. I blew out the windows 98 on this computer and installed ME. Terrible mistake. Froze up sometimes 4 and 5 times just when I turned it on. Went back to win 98 and now it works great on every thing but my brokers quotes and now one can tell me why.
    Now I am very careful with my other computer. Good luck.
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