Best "realtime" Quote Data for NYSE $Tick

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  1. what are the various quote vendors, or the least expensive that offer the $NYSE Tick realtime?...I tried quotetracker, free...but it is a joke in my opinion...very serious about this....thanks greatly for your help...
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  3. DTN.IQ has the best TICK reporting speed versus most of the others (TS, Esig, Realtick, CQG, etc).
  4. thanks...but, what is DTN.IQ?...their website etc.?...thanks!!
  5. DTNiQ->

    Can anyone comment on internet connection speed for DTN.iQ?

    Is a DSL line running at around 1200-1400Kpbs fast enough for faster markets with heavy volume?

    I ask because I have a cable modem at my home office which pushes up to 6000Kbps, but I also can trade at another location which only has the DSL.

    Any comments on connection speed and how it will affect charting and DOM screens.

  6. I want to build my own tick - Tell me how - :confused: - I'll be pulling quotes from either Esignal or IB's TWS

    thanks :)
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    They have it on the QuoteMachine product from, together with TRIN, TIKI etc, and IMO their interactive charts are the best
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    I use $TICK in Tradestation, see attached screenshot
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