Best realtime option scanner for daytrading?

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  1. For daytrading options i set up a realtime scanner in tos but noticed that the results vanish from time to time completely in the corresponding watchlist although there is no reason for that.
    Does someone know other realtime option scanners?
    I just saw that TC2000 has the ability to code scanners and watchlists which work in realtime but it´s not free. Maybe it´s worth a try.
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    Take the trial...Do you really want to risk money on a program that is being given away for FREE???

    Its analogous to "If you have a 10 dollar head,go buy a 10 dollar motorcycle helmut"
  3. what do you want from the scanners?
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    What exactly are you scanning? Unusual volume, flow trading?

    All useless anyways...
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    What condition are you scanning (for)?
  8. For example scan for options which gain a specific percentage after open in a 5 minute time frame
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    Wouldn't it just be simpler to find a scanner for stocks running up then? If the stock goes up so would the options.

    I have never heard of an live scanner that can scan percentage gain for options tbh
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    You're better off scanning for shares. Microstructure and vol will play roles in that scan. The output is going to be deep calls and puts, provided they even trade. Vol is marked against last trade so the vast majority of the output will be GIGO.
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