Best RAW data feed (text format is fine)? Thoughts on NEWSWARE?

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  1. Hi there,

    I wonder if some ET members with deep knowledge in this area could assist me?
    Struggling to phrase this question effectively though...

    *Bloomberg + Reuters terminals have a huge range of useful features, including a real time news feed (Not just scheduled data releases of course, but unexpected events/comments also). But they are very expensive.

    *What is the best alternative if I am simply interested in the news feeds? My focus is on the major FX pairs, but also watch ES and CL.

    *I realise there is a range of Squawk boxes on the internet, but the news they provide is not quite Raw is it ... there is a several second time delay between them actually noticing the release on their screens, deciding if it is relevant, and then reading it out. I would like to cut out the middle man, and spend my own time staring at the news feed instead of the price action (just my personal taste)

    Do you reckon the Dow Jones Newswire is the best alternative?

    Does anyone use Newsware - and do you think this represents my best bet in terms of a raw news feed platform?

    Hope this made sense - I'm still quite confused with how the various news sources/suppliers/distributors relate to each other.

    Thanks in advance
  2. It seems no one has any information to share on this. But I would like to update this thread and bump it up the page one last time.

    Since I created this thread, I signed up to the Interactive Brokers Research Platform - with Dow Jones Global Markets NewsWire.
    The price is something like 280USD/month give or take.

    Trouble is, after watching it for 12+ hours every weekday, I am made painfully aware how inadequate the Dow Jones feed is for my needs.

    It has endless real time info on individual stocks, but it is way behind the information curve when it comes to policy maker/central banker comments and such like. Several times a week the major currency pairs, e.g. 6E, are moving 10 prices on the back of some random Merkel comment etc.

    Dow Jones picks up on practically none of it - or if it does it is too late.

    I have a bit of prop experience and so I know exactly what is happening - Bloomberg / Reuters terminals are flashing these comments first, Squawk boxes are picking it up second... but by the time Mr Squawk has said anything it is generally too late to make a low risk bet. You have to be staring at the text feed to do well.

    So my new question is this. (Not holding my breath on any reasonable answers).

    *** Is it possible to access the Bloomberg / Reuters real-time market news, WITHOUT subscribing to either terminal for c$1500/month? ***

    This may sound like a no-brainer question (i.e. answer = "no"), but I have come across various news-aggregating services such as:
    Acquire Media's NewsEdge
    Newswares NewsWatch
    and some others.

    But they give painfully little info:
    "Real-Time streaming news from, PR Newswire, and Business Wire (other newswires available for an additional fee)"

    "other newswires available for an additional fee". Hmmmm.

    I have been contacting these firms individually but as yet no replies - product information is far too vague on the whole topic of trading news services IMO.

    Anyway, if someone has something to share with me, much obliged to you.
  3. Well after further research I can basically answer my own question. And I will do so here, for benefit of anyone who is interested...

    My sources indicate that Bloomberg never sell their news to 3rd parties.

    And Reuters no longer sell their "proper breaking" news to 3rd parties.

    The upshot is, if you want tradeable breaking news from bloomberg or reuters, you gotta get terminals.

    Dow Jones, on the other hand, do sell via 3rd parties. The problem is their info is largely useless to me.

    /thread closed IMO