Best Quote on European Debt Crisis (same applies to USA, too)

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Scataphagos, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. “We all know what needs to be done. We just can figure out how to get reelected once we’ve done it”. --- Jean-Claude Juncker, PM of Lumembourg.
  2. AK100


    That's a beauty. And so so true.
  3. Chausey


    Why care what the politicians do? Capitalists depending on Politicians, Jesus where did all the real capitalists go? A capitalist should never require politicians to do anything for their sake of success. A real capitalist utilizing all the tools available to them on this planet, will succeed regardless of others decisions.
  4. Rules have changed. Capitalist or not you need a bank. Once you need a bank you're screwed. Bankers and politicians swap roles like in a west side comedy show.
    Even now as we are reading and posting, our brokers could have gone bust, their clearing banks even more bust and their CEOs ona flight to Bolivia.
    And once you are informed, it's too late.