Best Questions to Ask @ an Interview

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by brad1970, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. brad1970


    When interviewing with a hedge fund (either recruiter or trader) what are some questions to ask the interviewer?

    Some questions suggested to me are:

    1) do you personally trade? (usually asked if interviewed by recruiter)

    2) what was your largest drawdown?

    3) do you prefer technical or fundamental analysis?

    4) is this to fill another person's position, and if so what is that person still with the firm, and in what role.

    any other suggestions would be appreciated...
  2. CalTrader

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    Here would be my answers ......


    None of your business,

    I use Both,

    If we decide to put forth an offer letter, then you will get more information on which to base your decision at that time.
  3. brad1970


    I already have it, and while it goes into who gets the interview and how to "succeed" in the interview, no saliant "ask these questions to the interviewer" are in the book.

    "They" always say to ask questions to seem interested in the position, but all the questions I can come up with I already know the answer to by conducting due diligence.
  4. rwk


    I would ask how they will decide whom to hire. You might be surprised how few hiring managers ever really think about that. It's one of those things they take for granted.
  5. Well since you're on elite trader I'm assuming you're interviewing for a trader position.

    What instruments will I be trading?

    Will I be executing the firms strategies or my own?

    What is my performance measurement?

    Please describe the compensation structure.

    How much initial capital will I have P/L responsibility for and how soon will I be able to manage larger sums?

    Am I responsible for any accounting issues? (ex. EOD blotter to fills matching) Are position reports available ad-hoc or EOD marked-to-market?

    If I am executing my strategies does the firm expect me to reveal my proprietary trading methodolgies?

    What platforms does the firm use for market information and trade execution?

    Am I allowed to customize my trading desk to use feeds and analytics that I prefer to use?

    Those are some basics I can think of right now.
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    Better questions but you probably would not get several of these answered at the interview stage - perhaps at the offer stage and maybe not even then .....
  7. That'd be a bit nerve-racking not to have some questions answered as they are paying you, more often than not, 100% of your income. Takes a bigger leap of faith on the employees part, but then again thats what you get for being an employee.
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    Sure ... employee is an entirely different case. When you say "interview" I assume you mean employee status. Its not an interview when you are putting up money or receiving 100 percent of your earnings operating on your own discretion: If you are supplying the techniques and perhaps even capital then you are interviewing potential business partners and in this case failure to answer - thoroughly and completely - any reasonable question should lead to an ending of the process on your part.