Best Prop Trading Firms in Canada

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by wmuciiri, Feb 17, 2011.

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    I am looking for the best prop trading firms in canada. Anything besides Swift Trade. Thankyou
  2. wts in montreal.I traded in the ny office for 2 years.
    Never had any problems,very straight foward operation.
    And no this is not a shill you Fucking wts haters(swiftmike)
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    Bright has offices in Vancouver and Langley. I believe their Langley office is either their largest or the second largest.
  4. WTS should be fine
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    Thanks alot guys, much appreciated. Gave me a nice start.
  6. A couple of friends I know started at Title in Toronto, still too new to tell. Sterling is a dog compared to a futures DOM, that's for sure. I think they are 50% split with no of their money risked. Seems a bit low from what I have heard, but maybe others can chime in?
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    There is a branch of WTS that lets you trade from home, if you wish so, so you can basically trade from any place in the world, unless you really want to trade in the office. I believe their payout is 80%.
  8. That sounds to good to be true. 80% and no money risked. I only know of a few people that get that and they have a lot of experience and track record from previous props. In the US, its as high as 90% I believe but you have to put your risk capital up, which is no prop.
  9. I think that mean you use their money for leverage but not for losses bcuz in the register form they ask about starting capital.
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    With wts can i trade remotely from Calgary,Alberta or do i need to be in Montreal?
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