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    I'm looking for a Prop trading firm, but I only trade various option spreads. I do hold positions overnight, b/c this kind of options trading strategy needs to be held for at least a few days. I had 10:1 margin on options for a 10K account back in 2006. The profit split was 70/30. Can anyone reccommend a firm that meets my needs and doesn't require licenses? (Perhaps off-shore) I want to trade remotely.
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    Not a lot of Prop Shops that allow option trading, and most want $100K.
  3. EchoTrade - 25,000 minimum, no leverage
    Capital Traders Group - 1.00 per contract, no tickets - 5k minimum, 3:1 leverage
    T3 - 10,000 minimum, no leverage, 90/10 split
    coastal trading - 1.5x leverage, 10,000 minimum, 1.5 per contract, no tickets.
    dimension - 15,000 deposit, no leverage, $2.00 per contract
  4. What does "no leverage" mean in an options context? How does it relate to margin?
  5. Hi Eric,

    Let me know what you find, I'm in the same situation.
  6. no leverage means your buying power is restricted to your capital deposit.
    2:1 = 50% margin
    5:1 = 20% margin
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    Why would anyone agree to that?

    No leverage and I give you 10% of my earnings and I pay $2/contract?
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    sounds like a great ET deal to me! lol

    typical options firms rarely take in deposit - only so in the beginning - and you trade firm capital.

    the splits are not too aggressive - but this is a different ball game.

    the guys that run these need to SPECIALIZE in options.
    from what it seems in previous posts these firms just "accommodate" for options trading - not really for option traders.

    and an option prop firm is not for someone to just try out and gamble

    best of luck

    oh and Eric - sent you a PM
  9. MB charges a ticket charge too, don't they? Also, PDT rule
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