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  1. Which prop firms would you guys say are the best in terms of training new inexperienced traders? Of course there are many that have intensive training programs, but almost all of those that I've seen hire traders as employees (as opposed to independent traders that put up their own capital). The catch there though is that they are very very selective in who they hire (most of their recruiting happens in IVY league schools). So what I'm looking for are prop firms that hire you as an independent new trader and are thus not very selective. Ideally I'd want to start my career in a firm that offers a structured training program right from the start, and then also has mentors or veteran traders that are continuoulsy willing to help and teach the new guys. Does such a place exist? It would also be good if the minimum capital requirement is not more than $10,000, but I'd be willing to go a little higher if I know that I'd be getting great training across the board in all aspects of trading such as risk management, methodology, trading tactics etc...

  2. Should I take "75 views" and no replies so far as a non-existence of such firms? :)
  3. try first new york securities

    ps. i shouldn't have sent this order, as yes they are selective. i think you'll have a hard time finding non-selective firms putting in a lot of effort in their apprentices.
  4. Selective is an understatement. I think they're the most selective firm there is. I graduated top of my class with a 4.0 GPA and the highest cumulative average over 1300 seniors, but because my university is not well know in the US (it's overseas), I think I got totally ignored. but their training program is truly amazing for new grads.
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    did you learn in school how to do research
    this question has been asked+ answered many times
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    why don't you guys just answer him instead of spewing your obnoxious BS? You took a minute to answer, would it be to hard to help him out? EBO, jeeze, your just an idiot! Your the one who needs a job.
  7. I am in the same boat as NEWGUYINTOWN. I have asked questions like this before here and have gotten nowhere as well. I don't think their are any prop firms that offer great mentoring except the ones that won't hire you. I have a 3.5 in quant finance undergrad but not Ivy so No one wants me. So I guess I may eventually have to put up my own money and try to figure it out on my own. I don't know why anyone on this board ever answers anyones questions and always has to be sarcastic. I see this all the time and it is amazing how negative this place can be. Why do i hang out here, I don't know.
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    "did you learn in school how to do research
    this question has been asked+ answered many times." if you think this is obnoxious bs and call me an idiot, i suggest that you get professional help promptly.
    people need to learn to do things on their own.

    kapish TRUFF
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    as far as mentoring goes your conclusion is likely true. your 3.5 average is worth zero as a predictive factor to your future success.
    having a high grade point average from any school ivy league inc. is not a sufficient condition for becoming a successful trader.
  10. traders are by nature selfish and don't like to share, the fact that guys on here act condescending is just a testament to the fact that they are assholes and it makes them feel important to talk down to others.

    for new guys, check out Bright, I am not sure of what others will take a green guy in and train them. rebate trading (swift, hlv is bullshit). Also, a good bet is to seek out a mentor that will train you in exchange for a percentage of profits and/or some juice on your commish- make sure that they don't rape you on the deal and that they are consistently making $$$- ask to see statements.

    good luck
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