best prop firms in chicago (or nyc) to trade the ES e-minis?

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  1. hi, i just wanted to get people's opinions on which firm is the best to trade ES e-minis. I'm guessing that almost all the firms that people know of are in chicago, but i'd also be interested in any in the nyc area that people may know of.

    factors to address: commission rates, payout structure (percentage cut and when it's paid out), technological infrastructure and support
  2. All the NY ones will clear through Chicago for ES.
    If you want direct clearing you need to use someone like RCG, Dorman or RJObrien.
    They are full clearing members.
    But you need bigger accounts 15k+.
    But you can find an introducing broker through one of these like MirusFutures or ProActivFutures and they will give cheap commissions with smaller account size and its like the same as trading through the FCM's.
    Look this link for brokers on CME.
  3. Gelber Group does a lot of business in that market I believe...I also think they are home to one of the, if not the, biggest ES trader in the world.
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    Who is it and what sizes does he trade ?
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    Kingstree has a few 'substantial' emini traders as well. True about Gelber Group.
  6. I'm not going to say the name here. However I've heard that when he takes a day off the CME calls to find out what's going on.
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    Is that Igor ? What's his average daily profit and what size does he have available to trade ?
  8. is gelber group a prop firm, or is it a place where you put in your own money and they set up all the necessary equipment and they clear for you? (i'm not familiar with all the correct terminology, is this called an arcade?)
  9. Gelber is prop
  10. Yep that is all I know about him though. Have you heard anything else?
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