best prop firms for automated trading?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by scorinaldi, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. i'm a prop trader currently with assent NYC.

    i'm looking to integrate my c++ black/greybox with a prop shop somewhere.

    assent is fine for regular trading, but not so good with automated trading. anyone have any suggestions of prop trading shops that do it better?

  2. thanks for the tip! i'll check them out...
  3. dchang0


    This is a great thread. I'd like to add two questions:

    1) Are there any prop or retail-"prop" firms in the Los Angeles area that are friendly to automatic trading systems?


    2) Of the often-proprietary order execution platforms that prop firms use, which has the most complete, most direct API?
  4. Bobarino


    I have always found Assent's API to be quite robust and their infrastructure to be excellent..... do you have a certain part of the system that is not working well? I have also found there support to be pretty good with technical issues.... I guess I just find it easy to code with, and the risk management module is the exact same as what hand traders use too!

    I've never tried to use the Blackwood system, how is their documentation?
  5. dchang0


    Anvil has an API?! I was told by the Assent tech guys that it doesn't... Can anyone confirm whether or not it is possible to program direct hooks into Anvil via an API?
  6. Bobarino


    I use it everyday, there is w/o a doubt an API that Assent uses. It directly hooks into their trading platform, Anvil.

    I speak with their software dept frequently, you can contact the software manager at 201-356-1410.

    I also believe they have a HUGE LA presence, I am sure the software manager can help you with that too.

    Happy Trading!
  7. dchang0


    Thanks, much, Bobarino--especially for the phone number to the software manager!
  8. they do have an API. it's c++ ( MSVisual studio 7 .net ).

    the latest is for Anvil 2.6.1.

    my main problem is the lack of documentation. bobarino, do you know of any documentation from them, besides code comments?

    i agree that their stuff seems to work ok, it's just kind of a pain to try something that doesn't exactly follow their examples....
  9. Bobarino


    Ahhh, that is a good point... I have had some issues with the Examples provided, it appears as though they have not updated them in awhile. I wonder if they even know? I'm going to call and mention it....

    I actually have a new API they just released, its 2.6.4.... has some Hybrid and Singlebook stuff in it, a new ECN, etc...

    I agree the documentation is second-rate, so with my questions I go straight to the source! I speak with the software manager somewhat often and he takes my questions to the developer while he "tries to build an FAQ document" with the answers. The FAQ's would be nice, but still I think we would all want more. Have you tried chatting with the software manager over there? No names on here, but his # is on a previous thread.......
  10. hmmm, good point. i'll try checking with the software manager. thanks for the number.
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